Sunday, 24. November 2002

This site is devoted to a Multigenre Research Project (MRP). It was composed as part of a computer networking course (CD 315) for Communication Disorders students at Marshall University, which is located in Huntington, WV. All of the genres that make up the MRP are totally ficticious. This project mainly focuses on the ways a parent can differentiate between a late-talker and a language-delayed child. It is totally based on research. I am no expert! Please feel free to browse through and comment on any pieces.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to send an email to

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site is devoted to a Multigenre Research Project (MRP). It...
by abbye (12/5/02 10:29 PM)
Table of Contents *
Preface * About the Author * Acknowledgements * Poem * Journal...
by abbye (12/4/02 9:16 PM)
Email Exchange _______________________________________________________________________ Date:
WED, 06 Nov 2002 11:29:35- 0500(EST) From: “Tera Blevins” Subject:...
by abbye (12/4/02 9:14 PM)

by abbye (12/4/02 9:11 PM)
Interview Mrs. Leigh Ann Smith
brought her son to me because she was worried about...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:57 PM)
webliography Abbye's Webliography Fun
Stuff * Do you think that you know me? I developed...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:37 PM)
References Berko-Gleason, J. (2001).
The Development of Language. Fifth Edition. Massachusetts: Allyn and Bacon. Bernstein,...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:33 PM)
Letter to a Parent October
27, 2002 Dear Mommy, I know that you are worried...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:32 PM)
Journal of a Parent October
7, 2002 Today has been a great day! My son,...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:29 PM)
Poem LATE-TALKER Language that
is delayed. At age two, children may not be Talking like...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:24 PM)
Acknowledgements I would like to
take the time to acknowledge those that helped me throughout...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:23 PM)
About the Author Hello.
My name is Abbye Epperhart, and I am 21 years old....
by abbye (12/4/02 8:21 PM)
Preface This project was developed
for a computer class in the communication disorders department at...
by abbye (12/4/02 8:20 PM)

by abbye (12/4/02 8:11 PM)
Reflection This has been a
very busy semester! The content addressed over the course of...
by abbye (12/2/02 5:42 PM)
Week 13 Online Journal This
week was a good one. I set out to finish...
by abbye (11/23/02 5:51 PM)
Week 12 Online Journal Well,
I must say that this has probably been one of...
by abbye (11/15/02 9:03 PM)

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