Monday, 2. December 2002

This has been a very busy semester! The content addressed over the course of the semester mainly dealt with project information. We had to choose a topic, and then we had to do LOTS of research on that particular topic. I chose to research late-talkers vs. language delayed children. We had to learn information on computers and search engines in order to do the research. We had to learn how to evaluate sources so that we could know if the information we are using is reliable or not. We joined an e-mailing list that was related to the topic that we chose to research so that we could see how others view the topic. We were expected to interact with the e-mailing list and learn more about the topic from their point of view. We also had to interact with the people in our class. We had to learn how to communicate in MOO. We got in our groups, and talked about our projects and how they were coming along.

In order to complete my work for this semester, I had to learn how to discipline myself. There is no way one could get through the content of this course without some self-discipline. Almost everyday between my classes, I would go to the computer lab in Smith Hall, and I would work on my assignments and research for this class. I would be joined by Julie. We would work together, which was a BIG help. We were also joined by Cindy every now and then. I must say that without them, I would not have made it through the class. I am not good at asking questions to the class. I feel much more comfortable asking them questions than the whole class. If they don’t have the answer, then I ask the whole class.

As a result of this course, I have become a better researcher. I have learned how to evaluate my sources so that I know if they are credible or not. I have learned how to search EBSCO. I had not learned before. I have never really had to do much research for any of my classes before, so this was definitely a first for me (isn’t that awful!). I have also learned that as long as I discipline myself and take my time, then I will get my work finished. I have learned that I don’t need to stress out over everything (just because I have learned that doesn’t mean I won’t do it). I know that I don’t need to get all stressed out, but that is a hard thing to do when you have so much due.

In my academic future, I guess that I will rely more on the computer. I will research more and evaluate the sources more. I will not just take the first site I see and get my information from there. I will look at many sources and evaluate them, then I will start my projects.

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