Friday, 15. November 2002
Week 12 Online Journal

Well, I must say that this has probably been one of the best weeks in my life! I became an aunt this week, and I am in seventh heaven. He is beautiful!

Now, on a less exciting note, I will tell you about my school work over the past week. The MOO session was really helpful this week because it made me realize that I have lots and lots of more citations to make. I did not realize that I had to cite so many things. I mean, I knew that I had to give credit to the sources that I got the information from, but I did not realize that it included the things that I have learned in my classes.

For this week, I planned on writing preface, about the author, and acknowledgement sections of my Multigenre Project. I have finished all three. I also had to peer review the unifying genres for the people in my group. I really enjoyed looking at everybody’s ideas. They were all so good. I still need to review everybody else’s sources as well as revise my own. I also need to include some intext citations.

In order to finish my work this week, I worked on my assignments at my house. I did not go to the computer lab this week. I decided to take a break. So, Julie and Cindy, I missed you guys!

As for questions, I really do not have any. I am worried that I am not going to get all of my citations. I have a book, but I am afraid I am going to miss something. Other than that, I think I am question free about the project and about the class.

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